Get Optimal Value out of Your Customer Data

Your business case for a Customer Data Platform

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 This webinar is sponsored by Lytics.

The value of customer data is often a matter of context and where your company is in its data maturity.

Time to discuss the data hierarchy of needs, how success is measured at each level, and the steps you can take to advance your company from basic data collection and integration to acting on machine learning insights.

Join CMSWire, Alyssa Meritt, a 20+ year digital consulting expert and Director, Strategic Services at Lytics, and Reggie Wideman, Director of Customer Strategy at Lytics, for an hour-long webinar as we dive into how companies are acting on customer data — including common missteps and misperceptions to avoid as real time audience data and machine learning become necessary tools in the modern marketer’s toolkit.


Wednesday, Mar 11 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 7pm CET

This webinar will cover:

  • How to benchmark your brand against the data hierarchy of needs
  • Why the right data is key to transforming insights into results
  • How brands get value out of their audience data