White Paper: 5 Reasons to Move from Document Management to ECM

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Although document management and Enterprise CMS (ECM) may appear like interchangeable terms, the core and breadth of functionality are significantly different.

Document management focuses on document storage and retrieval. ECM allows you to capture, store, integrate, access, process and measure your content — adding key functionality that document management lacks. ECM evolves your document management strategy so it’s not just a system to store content; it’s a solution that supports strategic initiatives and processes, organization-wide.

This white paper covers:

  • The differences between document management and ECM
  • The limitations of document management
  • Why ECM may be a better solution for your organization

Read this white paper to find out the 5 reasons companies are evolving from document management to ECM and why you should too.

Understand the Evolution From Document Management to Enterprise CMS


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