Report: How Top Retailers Are Leveraging Web Experience Technologies

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Top tier online retailers are some of the most sophisticated consumers of digital experience technologies because consumers have exceedingly high expectations for their ecommerce experiences. 

62% of top performing retail organizations say changing consumer preferences and channel proliferation are their top two challenges

But how can you address rising consumer expectations for personalized, timely and channel-appropriate communications without investing in a fragmented and disconnected array of technologies?

This research takes a deep dive into:

  • What top retailers know about customer experience that continues to drive their success
  • The challenges and pitfalls associated with keeping up with consumer demand for modern web experiences
  • The benefits of aligning Web Content Management, Ecommerce and other internal systems

This report will help you understand how to leverage technology infrastructure to successfully manage customer experience.

Learn How Integration of Web CMS Tools is Shifting the Ecommerce Landscape

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