How to Succeed in Today’s Engagement Economy

Doing true personalization at scale with marketing automation
—Live on Thursday, June 22 at 11am PT / 2pm ET—

How to Succeed in Today’s Engagement Economy

Today, due to challenging global economic conditions, budgets are tight and resources are shrinking. Companies are looking to make their marketing operations more effective and efficient, and they are leveraging personalization tools to create customer experiences that are authentic and data-driven.

But B2B companies are struggling with delivering those personalized experiences at scale and across all channels. To successfully engage with customers, wherever they may be, organizations need to deploy the right technology, creative tools, assets and processes.

Please join CMSWire contributor Brian Carlson and Geoff Ryken from Adobe as they evaluate how marketing automation can enable brands to succeed in the modern engagement economy.

Topics include:

  • The state of personalization and marketing automation 2023
  • Creating a one-on-one conversation with your customers
  • The technology and tools needed to do personalization at scale
  • How to create customer experiences that are data-driven and authentic
  • How to measure it all with analytics