Human Intelligence: The Key to Harnessing Generative AI

Distinguish Hype From Reality
—Live Tuesday, April 25 at 9am PT / 12pm ET—

Human Intelligence: The Key to Harnessing Generative AI

For better and worse, ChatGPT has made its way onto the screens of over 100 million people. It exposed pent-up demand for a “natural” user interface to Large Language Models (LLMs) that enable human-like responses to any query or prompt. Now the hard work begins as customer care and CX professionals inside and outside the contact center discover and develop applications that boost their brands, improve employee efficiency and deliver positive bottom-line results.

In this webinar, Opus Research and [24] explore the opportunities and limitations of LLMs and Generative AI, distinguish hype from reality, and describe how businesses can harness Conversational AI and automation capabilities.

Topics include:

  • What’s working now? Breaking down the elements of LLMs and GPT
  • What’s not working? Where, why and how LLMs and Generative AI fail
  • What are the most promising use cases? Based on real-world deployments
  • Where does human intelligence fit? To ensure success with Generative AI