Adopt a Modern Digital-First Marketing Strategy

Learn how to use a composable DXP to your advantage 

Adopt a Modern Digital-First Marketing Strategy

For today’s modern marketing organization, adopting a digital-first strategy is key to short- and long-term success. In order to meet the customers’ rising demand for personalized digital experiences, your marketing teams need the tools to rapidly create and deploy localized and personalized content. A composable digital experience platform (DXP) makes that happen.

Susan Beermann, Chief Marketing Officer at Contentstack, knows first-hand the importance and force-multiplying power of going composable. During her time at Ellie Mae, now Ice Mortgage Technology, she spearheaded the transition to a composable architecture with Contentstack’s headless CMS as the foundation of their Composable DXP. In fact, Beermann is such a believer in the power of composable tech that she eventually found her way to lead the charge here at Contentstack — the composable DXP leader.

Join Susan Beermann and Erika Heald to learn:

  • How to implement a modern digital-first marketing strategy
  • How to use a composable digital experience platform (DXP) to your advantage
  • How to create, test, and publish personalized omnichannel content faster