CX Orchestration: The Next Level for Your VOC Program

See how real-time responses to customer feedback maximize CSAT!

CX Orchestration: The Next Level for Your VOC Program

When less than 15% of executives rate the impact of their customer listening programs "high" or "very high," there's clearly a problem. Change is needed, and quickly.

Progressive CX leaders have moved beyond collecting and analyzing customer perceptions.  They are exploring new territory—using feedback to facilitate in-the-moment experience orchestration that is scalable, more effective and expected by customers.

In this webinar, Concentrix will share examples of how industry leaders are leveraging their listening programs to inform action and elevate experiences on behalf of their brand.

Join this webinar to:

  • See client success stories of translating pain points into customer retention success.
  • Leverage the latest best practices to increase CSAT and improve customer experience.
  • Understand how real-time responses are critical to converting unhappy customers.