Thriving in a Cookieless World with First-Party Data

Let’s Be Real: Third-Party Data Was Never That Great 

Thriving in a Cookieless World with First-Party Data

Truth be told, the usefulness of third-party data has always been limited. Third-party cookies don’t incorporate data from the growing number of devices and channels where customers are engaging.

They also collect data without any direct engagement with the customers themselves. In other words, third-party data doesn’t reveal any real, actionable customer insight.

Given the rapidly approaching end of third-party cookies, marketers must now build strategies based on first-party data, which comes directly from your customers as they interact across your website and other brand channels.

Building a robust first-party data strategy to survive the cookieless future requires dynamic, engaging experiences that keep customers coming back. They also must be designed and delivered in a way that continuously reinforces trust in your brand and ensures data privacy.

During this webinar you'll learn:

  • What a customer-centric approach to digital experience looks like
  • How a first-party data strategy supports this approach
  • The essential role a customer data platform (CDP) can play in executing this strategy