Optimize Your Online Patient Experiences

How to use data to deliver informative digital experiences while navigating patient privacy laws

Optimize Your Online Patient Experiences

Using data to create efficient patient journeys is a challenge for all organizations, but especially health care providers who must surface relevant data while remaining compliant.

Capturing web, mobile, custom and offline interactions to understand your audience and build a complete customer profile goes far beyond the simple web analytics that we're accustomed to.

In our webinar, subject matter expert Sujal Raju, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Enqbator, will discuss key requirements and milestones to help health care providers create and orchestrate compliant, patient-centric digital journeys for their patients.

During this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Deliver effective, patient-centric experiences (at any digital maturity stage)
  • Provide relevant information based on behavior or interest-based personalization
  • Implement personalization while remaining HIPAA/GDPR compliant