Make Customer Experience Easy

Make Customer Experience Easy

A just-right customer experience is no longer going to help you retain and attract new customers. You need to go from doing just enough to nurture your customers to what you can do to learn more about them and their challenges so that you can truly tailor engagement to their unique needs.

Providing a great customer experience can be challenging. Valuable customer insights are hidden in data silos and it’s hard to aggregate sales, marketing, support, and website interactions to obtain a comprehensive customer view. Without a deep understanding of customer behavior, experience, and sentiment, a business can’t tailor experiences to match the likes and dislikes of their customers. 

Join subject matter experts Dominic Sartorio, Senior VP of Products at Actian, and Becky Staker, VP of Customer Experience at Actian, to discover ways to make customer experience easy. Learn how to:

  • Build a 360-degree view of customers, so you know the right to engage with them, and can provide meaningful experiences that build their trust and loyalty for the long run
  • Manage disparate data and myriad applications so that they all connect with each other to provide a single customer view for real-time decision making
  • Use a contemporary cloud data platform to connect, manage and analyze customer data