3 Secrets to Accelerating Transformation to Improve CX + EX

Learn about force multipliers that will reduce technical debt and grow revenue while reducing costs // Live Thursday, September 22 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

3 Secrets to Accelerating Transformation to Improve CX + EX

Attention Digital Trailblazers, aspiring Transformational Leaders, CIOs, and CDOs!

Imagine “force multipliers” that improve customer and employee experiences while reducing technical debt, helping you to grow revenue while reducing costs.

One of these multipliers brings AI, low-code, and analytics capabilities to unlock data silos across the enterprise while providing a rich, dynamic user interface for customer-facing applications and employee workflows.

Please join Isaac Sacolick, founder of StarCIO and author of Digital Trailblazer, and Juanita Olguin, Sr. Director of Marketing at Coveo for an intense conversation on driving digital transformation.

Sacolick, a veteran technologist who has held CTO and CIO roles, will share and unlock the secrets of technologies, collaborative practices, and how you can deliver business outcomes by incorporating them.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How information silos undermine CX and EX initiatives
  • Platform capabilities that provide a competitive advantage
  • Using an agile, feedback-driven approach from POC to production
  • Realizing business value and transforming the organization