Curating the Customer Experience Through Integrated Data Insights

Identify the analytics capabilities that drive value

Curating the Customer Experience Through Integrated Data Insights

Your customers have changed – between the pandemic, global supply chain, geopolitics, and inflation – the way that we consume has drastically shifted. Such a rapid shift in customer needs has left many organizations wondering how to create rich experiences that boost acquisition and retention.

We’ve crafted this session to solve for exactly that. Learn how you can embrace insights from cross-channel consumer data to create a unified and unique viewpoint of each customer. Then, leverage that viewpoint to curate a seamless experience that connects your brand with individual customers.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Examples that highlight the challenges of adapting to new customer needs and preferences, and the value of integrating data into a single customer view
  • Ways to leverage customer data to inform your analytics strategy and deliver consistent, personalized experiences
  • Suggestions on how to put customer data to work to hit your 2022 marketing goals