Beat the “Great Resignation” with Process Improvement

The great employee resignations impact on business continuity

Beat the “Great Resignation” with Process Improvement

In August 2021, in an unprecedented move, 4.3 million Americans left their jobs. Coined the “Great Resignation”, the trend has continued into 2022.

This shift in the way employees view their jobs—temporary until something better comes along—has caused much anxiety for employers. Causes of resignation from the pandemic-era include poorly adapted hybrid work conditions, fears of contracting COVID-19, and existential epiphanies. But these aren’t the only reasons people walk away from a job.

In this live, hour-long webinar, we'll hear from Erik Hillie, Director, Solutions Marketing, Nintex, subject matter expert in topics related to process automation. In his profession, Hillie emphasizes the core processes that drive enterprise performance and how to drive efficiencies in these processes through process mapping, automation and optimization.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why employees are still resigning in 2022
  • How the great resignation impacts the business
  • How process improvement tools will help you retain current employees and improve onboarding of new ones