How to Explain Composable Commerce to Your Executives

What is composable commerce, and how can you get your team on board?

How to Explain Composable Commerce to Your Executives

The technology world is abuzz with all things "composable", but is it just a buzzword? Few people like interacting with things they don't understand, and they certainly don't like putting money towards the unknown.

Join this panel discussion with Christopher Brabender, Director of the Adobe practice at Valtech, and Iva Asche, VP of Global Delivery at Valtech, as they break down the what, why and how of composable commerce so that you can easily explain it to your team, your executives, and even to your Uncle Jon over a summer BBQ.

At the end of the event, you'll get an editable PowerPoint presentation that you can customize for your own executive conversations. Be the person who champions the change that improves your customer experience and increases revenue.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What composable commerce is and how can you easily explain it to your team?
  • To explore how this modular setup can help your organization's eCommerce abilities
  • How this flexible approach can help you speed up innovation