How to Boost Employee Sentiment in 2022

Boost employee engagement and retain workers in a hybrid environment

How to Boost Employee Sentiment in 2022

Let’s face it: there’s no “going back to the way things were” anymore. The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted too long and what started out as ad hoc processes are now standard ways of working.

It’s no surprise that the past two years have affected employees. Data from LumApps’ recent survey on employee sentiment found that employees the world over are stressed and burned out. It’s not just a few who are struggling — 89% of employees have experienced burnout at one time or another in the past 24 months.

What can employers do to improve the employee experience in this environment? For this workshop, join Sarah Kimmel, VP of Research at CMSWire and Reworked, for a deep dive into the research on current employee sentiment and how employers can boost engagement before it’s too late.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the current state of employe sentiment in the workplace
  • Identify the best ways to support hybrid and remote employees with technology
  • Uncover ways to support employees through culture change