When Legacy Met Composable: A DXP Love Story

Everyone thinks they hate each other, but they can make a great pair

The future of digital delivery is composable - but in the real world moving from a legacy platform to a modern stack in a single ‘moment of truth’ is rarely possible or even desirable. To keep live digital experiences running smoothly as you transition to composable, you need to find a way for these two approaches to live in harmony.

Join Lars Petersen, CEO of Uniform, to discover how to build your composable stack and take advantage of modern performance, agility and personalization without interrupting your current operations. It’s a composable transition path that understands the constraints of modern enterprise architecture - and a truly modern love story.

In this webinar on-demand you’ll learn:

  • How to gradually and smoothly transition from a legacy platform to a composable architecture
  • How to leverage orchestration to build a flexible composable stack
  • Why composable architectures are more suitable for modern digital experiences

View the Recording:

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This webinar is sponsored by Uniform.