Harnessing the Power of Customer Data: A Retailer’s Primer

Personalize experiences at every customer interaction

Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, an explosion of channels and modalities, and increasing customer expectations for immediacy and relevance, the retail industry is more competitive than ever before.

While the power of customer data can be enjoyed by every company, no matter the industry, it can be especially helpful to the retail sector, where data can impact real-time sales and boost loyalty.

Join this live, hour-long webinar with Acquia and Appnovation to learn how modern retailers can unlock and unify their customer data to maximize ROI through informed decision-making, smarter marketing campaigns and seamlessly connected experiences.


Thursday, June 2 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

In this webinar on-demand you’ll learn:

  • How a unified customer database can drive incremental revenue
  • When to use a CDP for ad targeting or prospecting for new audiences
  • How to intelligently segment your database for just the right amount of personalization for different audiences
  • How a CDP can help unify and cleanse data into a single persistent profile that can be used to better target customers with the right message that drives conversion

View the Recording:

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This webinar is sponsored by Acquia.