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10 Must Haves for Your SEO-First CMS in 2022

How to engage with your audience and generate leads

80% of online searches are discovery. Hence, grabbing high-visibility positions on search is critical for businesses to drive engagement and conversions. Businesses invest time and resources on building technical infrastructure to boost their SEO. Yet, despite all efforts, over 90% of digital content has NO audience!

As search moves from keywords to conversations, contextual search is now the focus. Hence, 'good' content and age-old SEO hacks might not be enough to help you stand out on search. What you need is a content that is optimized for omni-channel digital experience that is backed by a SEO-first CMS. But what does a truly "SEO-first CMS" entail to get you infront of your customers?

In this live, hour-long webinar, Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President - Milestone Inc, decrypts the answer to the above as she introduces the ten must have pillars that define "SEO-first CMS".

In this webinar on-demand you’ll learn:

  • Why most brands fail to be visible on search and find it difficult to see value from their SEO efforts
  • Top 10 areas of focus to evaluate if a CMS is truly "SEO-first" or not
  • How top brands are driving SEO-results on their websites with the SEO-first CMS approach

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