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Omnichannel Content Modeling for Voice, Immersive & Beyond

Content modeling for today

The content modeling today remains rooted in the paradigms of the past, with our early approaches to structured content in web content management systems still reigning supreme. As content designers and organizations continue going above and beyond the confines of the humble websites and mobile apps of old, what does content need to look like when it jumps off the perfectly laid out page and into the realms of voice content and immersive content?

Omnichannel content modeling for an unknown future over the horizon forces us to reckon with processes that no longer work for us, tools that we might have ignored in the past and hard questions about what content means to our users in an increasingly fragmented landscape of discrete digital channels.

Join us for this live, hour-long webinar, with Oracle Content Management product leader, CMSWire columnist, and Voice Content and Usability (A Book Apart, 2021) author Preston So for a brisk overview of challenges and solutions from his storied expertise working in conversation and immersive content implementations for clients like the State of Georgia.

Here's what we cover on-demand:

  • Why web-biased content models and content workflows aren't future-proof for content beyond the web
  • How to evaluate, examine, and enrich existing content for conversational and immersive experiences
  • How to approach omnichannel content modeling with equal emphasis on all channels

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