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Delivering Personalized CX Through Diversity and Inclusion

Learn how diversity and inclusion can improve customer experiences

The dialogue and the increasing focus on diversity and equity globally is critical, and long overdue. Embracing and celebrating diversity is not only key for how businesses should operate, it’s also how businesses should approach customer experiences. Every customer is different, and understanding those differences is key to understanding intent.

Therefore, when you design experiences for people with different backgrounds — from various generations, cultures and/or genders — you need to think about how you interact with them.

In this live, hour-long webinar, subject matter experts from [24]7.ai along with Val Taylor, Senior Director of Best Buy Customer Care; Adele Burton, Vice President, Customer Service Operations at Credit One Bank; Shonnah Hughes, Global Product Growth & Innovation Evangelist at GetFeedback; and Jennifer Hanson, Senior Director, Retail Service Centers, Target cover how embracing diversity and inclusion can improve customer experiences.

This webinar on-demand will cover how:

  • Diversity in a changing world demands specific, meaningful experiences that meet people in an intelligent, unique, and respectful way.
  • Customers are buying more from the companies that have doubled down on their commitment to diversity in the workplace, developing women into top leaders, and creating opportunities for all people to be successful.
  • Businesses can finally provide the personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience that consumers long for through intuitive, self-serve interfaces.

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