Harnessing Data to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

How brands like Jcrew, Godiva and MCM are delivering first class digital experiences

Consumers today expect relevant, meaningful, consistent experiences at each and every intersection with a brand. If a buyer purchases a product via an Instagram ad, they don’t want an email days later pushing the same item. They want smart communications, personalized content, speed, and an all-around reliable and cohesive brand experience.

The problem is this caliber of experience isn’t easy to deliver, often because marketers do not have a centralized data strategy which allows them to see a 360 view of the customer. What’s more, marketing technologies address different pieces of the omnichannel puzzle, so stringing solutions together to work as a cohesive, data-driven marketing technology (martech) stack is often a challenge.

In this live, hour-long webinar, Alex Canto, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Acquia and Jaedyn Guthrie, Product Marketing Manager at Acquia, cover how to harness the power of a customer data Platform (CDP) to deliver a personalized customer experience (CX).


Thursday, February 10 at 11am PT/ 2pm ET

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to unify customer data to drive personalized experiences
  • How to improve customer loyalty and retention with a single customer view
  • How brands like JCrew, Godiva and MCM are setting the standard for digital journeys

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This webinar is sponsored by Acquia.