From Platform-First to Value-First: Building a Composable Future for Digital Experiences

Faster time to market with a modular approach to digital

For the last decade, beginning a journey towards great digital experiences has mostly begun with selecting a single vendor platform, and then often spending years building the ideal solution. But then, 5 years later? Companies have to do it all over again as both technologies and consumer expectations continue to change.

The rise of composable architectures, Jamstack and MACH methodologies completely change the game, taking the digital experience platform (DXP) journey in an entirely different direction. With a focus on building sustainable platforms, composable architectures promise fast time to value, a modular approach that delivers value in incremental steps, and the ability to optimize digital delivery workflows for both developers and business users in the same solution.

Join us with speakers Christian Bennich, Principal Sales Engineer at Uniform, and Dave Moore, Global HDx Practice Lead at Avanade, as we demystify the journey towards a composable platform. We’ll cover how this shift can position your engineering team, agency, or implementation partner as a trusted advisor for the long-term curation of your digital estate.


Tuesday, December 7 at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 6pm CET

In this webinar you will:

  • Explore the pros and cons of Jamstack and MACH methodologies
  • Discover how adding structure, speed and no-code tools can help deliver on the promise of composable DXP
  • Learn how to capitalize on the savings and competitive advantages that come with the ability to adopt new technologies as they emerge

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This webinar is sponsored by Uniform.