Understanding Buyers and Their Journeys to Help Close the Deal

How to design the right customer journey for YOUR customer

Customer experience is the only true competitive advantage for businesses today. Customer experience leaders — those brands that excel at both employee experience and customer experience — are growing five times faster than the competition. Customers are, increasingly, choosing to do business with companies that make the customer journey easier, more convenient, and more effortless.

There is only one way to get the most out of that competitive advantage: you must design for your customers. In order to do that, you first have to do the work to understand who your customers are and how they differ (and they do!) — specifically, what different needs and expectations do they have and what problems are they trying to solve.

Join us with Annette Franz, founder and CEO of CX Journey along with Katie Desmond, Partner, Chief Revenue Officer, and Thomas Saraceno Director of Experience, of Imarc as we show you how to design the experience your customers expect to help them do what they need to do.


Tuesday, November 2 at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 8pm CET

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What we mean by “do the work to understand customers”
  • How to design the experience your customers expect
  • The link between design and driving value for customers and for the business

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This webinar is sponsored by Imarc.