Growing eCommerce Sales with Predictive Modeling and the Right Data

Challenges and opportunities to modeling customer behavior

eCommerce client-side marketers and agency professionals recognize that predictive analytics — a discipline that helps marketers use customer data to improve personalization, understand user behavior across devices and anticipate consumer needs — has the potential power to drive significant growth in their business. Still, many companies hold back due to factors like lack of internal knowledge, gap in data science skills and not having access to the right data signals to use to train their Machine Learning models.

On the other hand, customers have seen success incorporating the right data signals into their analytics programs, which results in significant conversion rate increase, improved operational efficiency and better customer retention.

Join CMSWire and marketing experts Isgav Davidowitz, Analytical Lead at Facebook; Barak Levanon, Customer Acquisition Director at GlassesUSA.com; and Iris Zarecki, Head of Partner Marketing at Explorium for this hour-long webinar. They’ll discuss the new challenges of modeling customer behavior, from lead scoring to retargeting to forecasting and predicting customer lifetime value and the benefits of connecting the right external data to your models.


Thursday, September 16 at 11am PT/2pm ET/ 8pm CET

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The new challenges of modeling customer behavior including lead scoring, retargeting, forecasting, and predicting customer LTV
  • The benefits of connecting the right external data to your models
  • Customers success stories about using predictive analytics and external data for analytics and machine learning in marketing and eCommerce

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This webinar is sponsored by Explorium.