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Leading CX Into the Future

How centralizing responsibility for CX leads to customer satisfaction and success

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 This webinar is sponsored by [24]7.ai.

Organizations have devoted tremendous time and resources to improving customer experience (CX), but responsibility for the overall experience remains distributed. Are distributed efforts aligned to yield results? What does the future organization of CX look like?

[24]7.ai recently partnered with the research team at CMSWire on the CX Leader of the Future survey. By surveying hundreds of respondents in the CX space we were able to find insights into the levers that improve customer experience outcomes for organizations.

Join Sarah Kimmel, Vice President of Research for CMSWire and Dan Reed, Chief Customer Officer at [24]7.ai for a live, hour-long webinar that takes a deep dive into how the role of the CX leader is evolving over time and how organizations can evolve and increase the impact of the customer experience.

In this webinar on-demand, you’ll learn:

  • How the role of the CX leader is changing and where it’s headed.
  • How great the impact of centralizing responsibility for customer experience (CX) is, and what organizations that have centralized that responsibility are doing differently.
  • The steps organizations should take on the journey to improve CX and where to start.