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How to Use Space Reservation Tools to Return to the Office Safely

Post-pandemic in-office work will require thoughtfulness and the right technology

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 This webinar is sponsored by Appspace.

The past year has forever changed the way we work.

As we start to either return or plan to return to the office, new considerations must be made in order to keep employees safe and comfortable. As many of us adopt a more hybrid approach to in-office work, new and innovative tools must be considered in order to make this transition seamless.

Join CMSWire, Will White, Engineering Lead and David Fleck, Director of Product Marketing at Appspace for a live, hour-long webinar. In this exclusive session we’ll explore how to thoughtfully and safely return to the office.

This webinar covers:

  • The importance of space reservation and control as your organization continues or begins to plan for the return to office
  • Several key best practices that your organization should keep in mind when planning for the return to office including touchless check-in, guest and employee access, reach on both company and personal devices, desk and space reservation
  • The tool that companies in the Fortune 500 are using to manage and map any space or resource including desks, rooms, parking spaces and more in order to control access and keep employees safe and comfortable