Experience at Scale: How to Build a Data-Driven Digital Workplace

Atos and Nexthink share how they have improved employee digital experience together across 1M+ endpoints

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 This webinar is sponsored by Nexthink.

The larger the organization, the more important it is to make data-driven decisions around user experience, technology provision and IT support — especially at a time of accelerated digital transformation and constant change.

Atos has established a remarkable formula for enabling organizations to better measure, deliver and improve the digital employee experience. Just recently they announced the milestone of delivering Nexthink technology to one million endpoints, allowing customers to evolve from a reactive to a proactive (and toward a predictive) IT service.

Join CMSWire and James McMahon, Head of Digital Workplace at Atos in a live, hour-long, how-to webinar for any organization seeking to improve user experience, regardless of size.


Thursday, January 21 at 11am ET/ 4pm GMT/ 5pm CET

This webinar will cover:

  • How to lay the foundations for success through the right costing and investment decisions
  • How large-scale visibility is attainable for any organization and can facilitate data-driven decisions to guide action
  • How Atos partners have achieved significant success across large global user bases
  • A step-by-step guide to improving experience at any organization