Customer Intelligence: When Brain Science Meets Personalization

How to influence customer decisions through rewarding experiences

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People have an amazingly efficient brain, which is constantly looking for rewards but also for ways to conserve energy. This means that in order to attract customers' attention and convince them to act, you must find ways to maximize rewards and minimize the obstacles that stand in the way.

Join CMSWire with Cognitive Neuroscientist, Carmen Simon, and Episerver's Senior Director of Content Management Strategy, Deane Barker, for a live, hour-long webinar on influencing your customers’ decisions. One way to get there is to look at the intersection of decision science (understanding how the brain makes choices) and personalization technologies (creating unique and rewarding experiences that inspire action).


Wednesday, Aug 19 at 10am CET/ 4am ET/ 1am PT

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Connect three pathways to influencing customers’ choices
  • Identify what your audiences’ brains find rewarding
  • Understand the psychology of personalization and how it leads to decision making

Different time zone? We've got you covered. We're also running this webinar at the following dates/times: Tuesday, Aug 18 at 10am PST/1pm EST (check it out) AND Thursday, Aug 20 at 11am AEST (check it out).

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