April 2020—Lunchbox Webinar On-Demand

Putting the “Customer” in Customer Experience

Design a culture that puts the customer at the heart of your business

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 This webinar is sponsored by Acquia.

Customer experience is the only true competitive advantage for businesses today. After all, it’s all about the customer! It’s the reason companies are in business. Customer experience leaders—those brands that excel at both employee experience and customer experience—are growing 5 times faster than the competition.

Becoming a customer experience leader doesn’t happen by chance. It happens when there’s a commitment by executives to deliberately design a culture that puts the customer at the heart of everything the business does.

Join CMSWire and Eric Fullerton, Lead Product Evangelist at Acquia, for a live, hour-long editorial webinar with Annette Franz, CEO & Founder of CX Journey Inc., on how to achieve a culture shift, a mindset shift and a behavior shift to become a customer experience leader. We'll discuss the critical changes that must be made in order to bring the customer into the business and to put the customer in the customer experience.

This webinar on-demand covers :

  • What a customer-centric culture looks like
  • Why and how customer understanding is the cornerstone of customer-centricity
  • How to put the customer in customer experience
  • The eight foundational elements or actions of putting the “customer” in customer experience and at the heart of your business