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Finding the Right CDP for Your Business

Leverage your CDP for special applications

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 This webinar is sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.

The CDP industry is evolving fast and the market is literally bursting with new entries. That's why now more than ever, understanding the different flavors and options of CDPs is critical to find one that fits your business needs.

Join CMSWire, contributor Brian Carlson and a senior sales engineer from Arm Treasure Data for a live, hour-long webinar to examine the attributes of CDPs, as well as where vendors are positioned to support particular industries and applications. They'll also share their insight into the many differences in the growing number of CDPs on the market and how and why vendor alignment matters.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • The attributes of CDPs overall
  • How CDPs are specializing for industries and applications
  • CDP vendor and product capabilities
  • Highlight data from the recently updated CDP Buyer's Guide