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Getting the Employee Digital Experience Right in 10 Easy Steps

How companies can empower better communication, collaboration and business processes

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In today’s modern, digital world, every stakeholder is competing for employee attention like never before. The typical employee experience is loud and far too complex to navigate.

At the same time, as critical functions like Internal Communications, IT and HR take on the responsibility for improving this experience, their teams aren’t growing in size. The answer has been to load more tools and more information onto our employees’ plates - and it hasn’t worked. There has to be a better, easier way.

The answer is a combination of smart technology and smart programming that puts the employee at the center.

Joins CMSWire and Beezy for a live, hour-long webinar, led by Talk Social to Me CEO Carrie Basham Young. In this webinar, leaders in charge of the employee experience at all levels will learn ten simple methods of bringing people, information and technology together for a better, people-centric work experience.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • How to leverage the subtle nuances of collaboration technology and new norms in employee digital behaviors
  • Create quick buzz, appeal to various audiences and entice employees to create their own workflows and reduce the burden on busy teams
  • Immediate tips and tricks, strategies for coaching leaders, and ‘hacks’ for your internal collaborative platform