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Digital Transformation Approaches Are Flawed

Look into the future of human, digital interaction and build better, stronger teams for customer-centricity

Our old models of top down training do not take into effect how human behavior plays out at scale. Of course, people need skills, but only 20% of what we learn during our lives is through formal training. All the rest is learned socially.

The answer to more successful digital transformation, whether it involves leadership training, team effectiveness or customer-centricity, is in harnessing human nature to build stronger connections and understanding.

Join CMSWire and Jason Korman, CEO of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group and DX Summit 2018 speaker, for a discussion about the basics of constructing human centered change programs that drive people towards the mindsets and behaviors that build stronger teams and more customer-centric experiences. These principles can be applied to any change project but specially to connect to customer and customer experience.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • How to use environment to drive targeted behavior change
  • Simple principles that can make any change project more effective
  • Insight into aligning teams and delivering better customer experience

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