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Overcome the 3 Most Common Challenges Facing Digital Workplaces

How to address change in the maturing digital workplace

Sam Marshal

The way we work is changing and as our workplace evolves so do the tools and platforms that support it. But three common challenges have emerged that are slowing digital transformation in the workplace:

  • Lack of engagement with frontline workers
  • Attention overload from multiple systems
  • Data siloed in disparate sources

Delivering the right digital workplace approach for your employees needs a combination of strategic direction and tactical savvinesss.

Join CMSWire, Jive and Sam Marshall, owner of ClearBox Consulting, for a live, hour-long webinar, guiding you through some of the key decision points and highlighting the best ways to approach these challenges. We'll cover why these challenges are critical factors for success as well as what makes a compelling digital workplace more than just a collection of technologies.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • Why each of these challenges matter and the cost of not addressing them
  • The importance of people in digital workplace success
  • What makes a compelling digital workplace more than just a collection of technologies

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