Webinar On-Demand

Disruption in Financial Services

How companies can transition from an agent-led to a digitally-driven model


Financial services are being disrupted, with the entire industry transforming from an agent-based to a direct-to-consumer business model. But what does that mean to your business?

Outstanding digital experiences are becoming a critical success component as well as a battlefield in financial services. And to serve their customer needs, companies need digital infrastructures that allow not just for one great experience, but the ability to iterate, optimize and adapt digital experiences quickly over and over again.

Join CMSWire along with BloomReach Experience CTO, Arjé Cahn, and Authentic CEO, David Roe to discuss the challenges that Financial Services face with their monolithic legacy content management systems and explain how an open-standard experience platform can help financial services gain a competitive edge.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • Why financial services companies are moving from agent to direct-to-consumer digital business model.
  • Why continuous integration and continuous deployment should be at the core of financial services companies that want to be agile.
  • How the separation of content, presentation data and then presentation, allows BloomReach Experience to manage application experiences.

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