Webinar On-Demand

How Digital Experience Platforms Nurture and Facilitate Lasting Customer Relationships

Build commerce experiences that put customers and their demands first

The future of retail is not just omnichannel. It's a unified, multi-touchpoint tapestry of brand-customer interactions that when done correctly can weave a long-term customer relationship based on intelligent use and application of customer data.

Join CMSWire, Managing Director for Accenture Interactive and Commerce & Content Lead for Accenture in Western Europe, Mehmet Olmez, and CTO for BloomReach Experience, Arjé Cahn, for a live, hour-long webinar on how digital experience platforms (DXP) will build commerce experiences that go far beyond optimizing the online catalogue for revenue, by putting customers and their demands first.

This webinar on-demand highlights:

  • How to prepare for the future of shopping by using technology to create effortless shopping experiences and first class customer service
  • Why a digital experience platform (DXP) may be the one solution that ties the intricate interplay of data, technological integration and customer engagement together
  • What you can gain from combining web experience management and machine learning based merchandising tools

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