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Hyper-Personalize Your Customer Experience with Big Data and AI

An in-depth look at using real-time data and AI to connect with customers

Is your organization transacting with customers or building relationships?

We live in an era where a lot of customer data is being generated, yet harnessing and acting on these large volumes of data in a timely manner remains a challenge. An IBM report in 2017 found that over 90% of the world’s data was generated in the previous two years. How are you connecting the dots with all the data your customers are generating to build lasting relationships?

Join CMSWire, Cray, and Phizzle for an hour-long webinar that takes a closer look at how you can capture the increasing number of touchpoints your customers are creating to gain a better understanding of their behavior. Learn to use real-time big data to shorten the buying cycle and increase your lifetime spend by staying relevant.

Pallavi Sharma
Paul Hahn
Pallavi Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Phizzle Paul Hahn, Analytics and AI Market Manager, Cray

This webinar on-demand highlights:

  • How to utilize large volumes of data in a timely manner to connect with customers
  • Producing relevant content at the right time in the buying cycle
  • Gaining a more holistic understanding of your customers' behavior and needs

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