6 Ways to Boost Marketing Effectiveness with Unstructured Data

Turn big data into big impact for your marketing strategy

Joanna Moser

In today’s environment marketers are flooded with data making it difficult to find actionable insights. And, with 93% of data projected to be unstructured by 2022, mining out the gold will only become more complicated.

Is your team prepared to interpret, analyze and prioritize all the data your business is collecting?

Today CMSWire and Medallia will share insight into how leading organizations are turning data into actionable strategy. Join speakers Emma Sopadjieva, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics at Medallia, and Joanna Moser, Senior Manager of Technical Solutions Consulting at Medallia for a live, hour-long webinar on how text analytics tools give marketing teams the power to turn every word of customer data into insights and action.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • Which leading brands are using text analytics to turn big data into big impact for their marketing strategy
  • How to boost the marketing function’s effectiveness in contributing to the company’s competitive performance and differentiation
  • How to unlock value in your data to super-charge 6 key marketing areas, including customer segmentation, acquisition, and experience

View the Recording:

This webinar is sponsored by Medallia