Webinar On-Demand

Getting Started with Machine Learning

Using data to define personas and their preferred content

Abe Taylor

Advances in machine learning have the potential to create a competitive edge for every organization. But with less than 7 percent of organizations reporting implementation of machine learning programs (Gartner) and 24 percent planning to implement in the next 12 months, the time to be experimenting is now.

Join CMSWire and ICF Olson for a live webinar to learn how to get started with machine learning and why predictive modeling is important to the future of your business and your customer experience.

Abe Taylor, Technical Director of Customer Experience Platforms at ICF Olson, will discuss using machine learning to analyze and process the user behaviors and analytics gathered by your systems. He will look at how to move beyond traditional personalization techniques and how to use the data to define personas and their preferred content. Discover how to deep dive into which behaviors and data points should be gathered, how to build that into a model and begin making the targeting/personalization process smarter.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • Targeting the right data for your introduction into machine learning
  • How to setup a basic machine learning experiment
  • How to process the output of that experiment to configure smarter personalization based on predictive analytics

View the Recording:

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