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Beyond Marketing: CX-Driven DAM in 2018

Ask not what your marketing can do for you...

Industry hot topics like customer-first, mobile-first and always-on marketing demand an insane amount of unique digital content. Can marketing alone cover all that? Viewing the organization’s content needs, goals and challenges in a more holistic way will better serve the ultimate goal in 2018: a fantastic customer experience.

Digital Asset Management supports CX for a brand with principles like centralization, knowledge share and universal distribution to operate up to a standard that customers have come to expect.

Join CMSWire and Bynder for a live, hour-long webinar that will illustrate how to key in on critical content needs across the org, and define in detail the value that DAM will provide. It’s no longer just for logos or just for marketing, and no two company use cases are exactly alike!

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • Why DAM should extend beyond marketing
  • What a properly-scoped DAM project looks like
  • How any DAM objection can be handled with data

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