Customer Experience is a Team Sport

Deliver a connected customer experience with enterprise DAM

Channels are exploding. Content is profuse. Customer data is ubiquitous. Fusing the three together to deliver a connected customer experience is one of the key challenges for marketers, technologists and their peers across the business.

Join CMSWire with guests Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies at IDC, and Uri Kogan, Vice President of Product Marketing at Nuxeo, for a one-hour webinar. This webinar will provide insights into the high cost of unmanaged assets, explain how to make a case for an enterprise DAM and show where DAM fits into the evolving experience stack.

Melissa Webster
Uri Kogan
Melissa Webster of IDC Uri Kogan of Nuxeo

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • IDC research on the risks of poorly managed digital assets across the enterprise
  • ROI evidence from organizations that have implemented an enterprise DAM
  • Key capabilities to look for and the benefits to expect
  • How DAM will evolve to meet the needs of a connected customer experience

 This webinar is sponsored by Nuxeo.



Watch the Recording: