5 Tactics to Recover 60% of Lost Revenue from Abandoned Carts

Learn to identify customer experience pain-points in the ecommerce journey

As ecommerce competition heats up, retaining existing customers becomes paramount to long-term success. Decreasing shopping cart abandonment offers a clear and profitable way for businesses to boost their bottom line and improve the customer journey.

Join CMSWire with Phil Kemelor, VP of Client Services at MassMedia, and Bridgeline for a one hour webinar where they will discuss identifying and analyzing the revenue loss your business incurs from abandoned carts, defining a path to revenue recovery and methods to measure success and optimize the ecommerce journey.

Alex Kombos
Karl Cords
Phil Kemelor
Alex Kombos, Bridgeline Karl Cordes, Bridgeline Phil Kemelor, MassMedia

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • How digital customer experience can affect your bottom line
  • Identifying the point of revenue loss along the way to abandoned carts
  • Methods to measure the success of your organization's ecommerce journey

 This webinar is sponsored by Bridgeline.



Watch the recording: