Redefine Your Digital Asset Strategy for 2017

Drive digital transformation with a hyperscale platform

Enterprise companies have moved their digital content strategy beyond marketing to encompass the entire organization. This enables organizations to continuously innovate ahead of the market and realize the full value of all digital assets, even the most complex and hidden ones, across all departments.

Join CMSWire with Melinda Cormier, Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy at Nuxeo, and James Goldman, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Equinix, for an hour-long webinar to learn how new digital asset strategies help media and advertising companies drive revenue growth, create new products and improve employee productivity.

Melinda Cormier
James Goldman
Melinda Cormier, Nuxeo James Goldman, Equinix

This webinar on-demand covers

  • What defines a ‘digital asset’
  • Why you should use a unified data model
  • How to get more insight into the lifecycle of your assets

 This webinar is sponsored by Nuxeo.



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