Accelerate Digital Transformation with Enterprise DAM

Optimize brand management, customer experience and business processes


Global organizations that achieve successful digital transformation will outperform competitors through optimized business processes and on-demand, collaborative access to all content. The fast track to digital transformation success requires a fully integrated enterprise digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Join CMSWire with Melinda Cormier, Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy at Nuxeo, and Brian O'Connor, Chief Technology Officer at Universal Mind, to learn how a modern enterprise DAM enables global organizations to provide secure access for sharing images, videos, documents and other digital assets across departments and geographical boundaries. This webinar explains how a healthcare organization can improve patient engagement via integrated healthcare systems.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • How modern enterprise DAM can power effective brand governance
  • Why successful digital transformation initiatives rely on modern, enterprise DAM
  • How to integrate DAM with enterprise CRM and web CMS, for true digital transformation

 This webinar is sponsored by Nuxeo.



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