Website Personalization 101

Five things to consider before targeting your CMS content


Experience management systems are making it easier than ever to customize content for your visitors — but how do you strike the precarious balance between creating a personalized experience and maintaining digital trust?

Join CMSWire and Colin Eagan, M.S., User Experience Principal at ICF Olson, for a one-hour webinar on achieving meaningful personalization of your web content based on user data. This webinar provides a crash-course in strategy, platforms and data — as well as examples of successful implementations across a variety of industries.

This webinar on-demand covers:

  • How to form a targeted content strategy that deliberately puts users first
  • Tips for setting up your company's data sources and building a measurement plan
  • Understanding personalization platforms, from robust "Experience Management Systems" to more modestly-priced plug-ins

 This webinar is sponsored by ICF Olson.



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