(Webinar) The New Collaboration Model and the Future of Workflow

Use ECM with cloud file sharing and collaboration platforms for enterprise-capable applications

Nuxeo WebinarCloud-based file sharing platforms like Box, Google Drive and Microsoft 365 provide organizations the ability to store, edit and share documents and digital assets easier and faster than ever. Often, there are multiple cloud-based file sharing platforms used within a single organizational group, which can produce some of the top concerns for enterprise organizations: version control, security, traceability and workflow.

Join CMSWire with Bob Canaway, CMO at Nuxeo, and Josh Fletcher, Senior Solutions Architect at Nuxeo, to learn about current trends in collaboration, integration and workflow. Watch them demonstrate how to architect a solution that takes advantage of modern file sharing and collaboration technologies.

This webinar will include:

  • An overview of industry trends in file sharing, collaboration and workflow
  • How organizations can leverage new and existing technologies to improve productivity
  • A live demo connecting ECM and Google Drive that exploits the best capabilities of each platform

This event is sponsored by Nuxeo.

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