2015 Digital Customer Experience Survey

New CMSWire research on DCX strategies and technology decisions

Digital Customer Experience Survey

Organizations of all sizes are pursuing digital transformation initiatives, and one key area of digital transformation is digital customer experience (DCX). Here, customer data plays a vital role in enabling organizations to provide the right information to the right customer at the right time.

CMSWire surveyed its digital customer experience audience to gain insights into the evolution and status of DCX within our respondents’ organizations and better understand the opportunities and challenges they face in formulating their DCX strategies, purchase and implementation decisions.

Key findings include:

  • Integration— among an organization’s departments and technology— will be a key success factor
  • Limited of cross-functional alignment was the top challenge faced with digital customer experience
  • It is very important for CRM, Marketing Automation and Customer Service platforms to integrate with CMS

This survey is sponsored by Jahia.

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