The 2017 State of the Digital Workplace Report

Workplace priorities and challenges from over 200 organizations

State of the Digital Workplace Market Report 2017

How effective are organizations at leveraging technology to make workplaces better? On one hand, new technologies are allowing us to work faster and smarter thanks to automation, collaboration and business intelligence tools. On the downside, technology is causing workplace distractions such as social media can hamper productivity.

Implementing effective digital workplace strategies can help organizations avoid these downsides. However, many organizations find themselves pressured to find strategies that can boost employee productivity without stifling creativity.

A survey by the SMG/CMSWire and Digital Workplace Group as an industry insight for the 2017 Digital Workplace Experience conference revealed that 95 percent of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important.

Included in this report:

  • Top digital workplace priorities
  • Major challenges to digital workplace
  • Valuable digital workplace tools
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