5 Reasons You Don’t Need a New CMS

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5 Reasons You Don’t Need a New CMS

The core goal of every marketing effort is to drive traffic to your site.

Most brands assume procuring an expensive CMS is a necessary step in building a content strategy. But you might be surprised to learn this not the case.

Before committing to a long and expensive CMS onboarding process, first ask yourself whether your unique goals can be achieved without a CMS altogether.

This e-book reviews five reasons why you might not actually need a CMS to execute a high-impact content strategy that drives conversions.

Topics covered in this e-book:

  • Interactive experiences require IT development support – and the queue is long!
  • Experimentation is hampered because coding is labor intensive and it’s too expensive to apply resources where you can’t be sure of success
  • A lack of inventory alerting makes you cautious about promoting some items
  • It’s hard to tell what’s really working on a page because page level metrics don’t give you the full picture
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