Transform the Network to Streamline Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the unexpected with a cloud-ready solution

Transform the Network to Streamline Disaster Recovery

Today, people expect to have access to data and applications 24/7, on any device they choose. There is no such thing as “downtime.” From healthcare professionals who need instant access to critical patient data to banking customers who need their account details, everyone has high expectations and wants instant gratification.

To provide secure, “always on” access, IT organizations are evaluating new approaches to infrastructure and redundancy planning.

Yet the threat of outages is an ongoing concern. Even with a multi-cloud approach, IT organizations must still grapple with issues and complexities that threaten to interrupt constant availability for their customers.

This article explains how modern IT teams can properly set up to integrate multiple clouds, the troubles with traditional disaster recovery solutions and the new approaches that maximize business agility in case of a disaster.

Included in this article:

  • More challenges with more clouds
  • Outdated disaster recovery tools
  • A modern networking solution

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This article is sponsored by VMware.