The Importance of Voice of Customer (VoC) in Times of Crisis

How to listen and act in times of crisis

Importance of VoC

During times of crisis, it’s important for businesses to maintain communication with their customers for transparency and open dialogues. This is due in part to the fact that consumer behavior has drastically shifted toward using digital channels to keep in touch with others and to interact with businesses.

Businesses that continue to prioritize the collection, analysis, and action of customer feedback will be in a better position to ride out the storm and can sometimes actually increase customer loyalty.

In this report, you will see how some brands are staying in touch with customers digitally during the coronavirus pandemic, and how you can protect your business in times of crisis. 

Included in this report:

  • Current feedback trends from Usabilla during COVID-19
  • How you can adapt to unprecedented changes in digital traffic
  • How brands are staying in touch with customers digitally
  • Actions that you can take with the voice of your customers that can protect your business
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